The headlights will get sandy and very blurred in time. Here I will show you, on a 3-series headlight, what I've used to get them looking good again. I masked the headlight so you can see the difference. The coating process is the key to get a perfect result in many years. I used a 2-component set I got from a local dealer. I don't have pictures because it was a sample he gave me.


Here are the things I've used. Minus the coating..


Before pictures

Step 1 - Sanding with 400

Step 2 - Sanding with 800

Step 3 - Wet-Sanding with 1500

Step 4 - This is not sandpaper but a kind of polyester/fiber thing with little dots on, I also used water with this

Step 5 - Polish

Step 6 - After coating - Finished

Headlight Restoration

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